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My Java pages

If you had a Java-enabled browser, you would see
an image map allowing you to jump to pages having
my applets.

Move the pointer over the boxes to see
the descriptions of the applets.
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See also


(a Java applet)
Star Views
town views
of stars
(a Java applet>.
You need a Java-enabled browser
to see Java applets.

Index of my applets

1. Hello World - just the words Hello World.
Hell.html - 1.5K.

2. Fonts, - different fonts, differently sized and coloured, some central.
Fnts.html - 3.2K.

3. Graphics - rectangles, ovals, arcs, a face and 13 colours.
Grap.html - 5.0K.

4. Thread - not buffered so shows a flickering moving image.
Jump.html - 3.0K.

5. Thread (double-buffered) - shows a non-flickering moving image.
Buff.html - 3.4K.

6. Random - a randomly moving ball which jumps when clicked.
Rand.html - 3.5K.

7. Menus - menus allow you to change colours.
Menu.html - 4.5K.

8. Scroll - scrollbars to the right and under a window.
ScrB.html - 4.1K.

9. Clock - digital and analogue display.
Clck.html - 3.6K.

10. A jpeg - shows a picture and a moving pointer.
Ajpg.html - 41.5K (includes a jpeg).

11. Colours - displays the 216 colours recommended for web pages.
Colo.html - 6K (24.5K if you are not java-enabled).

12. MenuBar - displays a separate window with either a menubar across the top of the window or, if you are an Acorn user, you use your menu button.
MBar.html - 9K.

13. Pendulum Clock - analogue clock with a pendulum/escapement powered by a gremlin.
Pend.html - 10.5K.

14. Rotate - the words "mum * dad" and "dad * mum" rotating.
Rota.html - 10.5K.

15. Grid - applet opens a window covered in squares, making it useful for determining the pixel position of objects.
Grid.html - 4.5K.

16. Imagemap - this is the imagemap shown above which allows you to visit the pages showing my other applets. Details of my imagemap applet are given towards the bottom of this page.

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