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TUA will organise tours of all major sites in Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Crimea, etc. for you according to what you require.

We also organise tours into the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, with many wonderful wooden churches and unique highland traditions.

Our proprietor, Alexander, conducts many of the tours himself. He is a well-known local authority on the history of Lviv and of the buildings to be seen here, as well as in all of the villages in this area, and his staff are also very knowledgeable.

Just click if you would like to see photographs of some of the more interesting sites in Lviv.

The spoken English of the people conducting the tours is such that when giving tours they don't have any difficulty in making themselves understood or in understanding and answering questions. We can also arrange tours for people speaking German, French, Polish and Russian - or Ukrainian, of course!

We can take you on a walking tour of the Lviv centre, a car tour of the city if there are less than four of you, or a taxi or coach tour if there are more than four in your party. If you tell us what you would like, we will tell you the price (a fixed price with no tips necessary or expected).

We can also obtain tickets for you at the Opera and Ballet Theatre, and can arrange for you to go by train or bus to anywhere in Ukraine or by air to other places in Ukraine, Poland, Russia or anywhere else in the world.

To contact us, send an email to: tuag@cscd.lviv.ua
or to: IGOR@tuag.lviv.ua
phone: +380 322 986625
fax: (503) 217-8496