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The Bradwell Priory chapel

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A chapel still survives

(Click on the picture to see a larger version -- 70K )

In order to provide further protection for the miraculous healing shrine, consisting of the statue of the Virgin Mary in its niche, a Chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary was constructed around the niche in c1335.

It seems strange at first that the tiny Chapel has two doors, a large one facing west and a small one facing south. However, a wall once ran across from the part of the Chapel wall between the two doors to the outside of a cloister building. This wall presumably had a gate to allow important visitors to reach the west door of the Church. The monks were able to use the side-door of the Chapel to see that everything was alright and they would still be within the confines of the monastery, whereas the pilgrims who were visiting the Chapel would use the main door, which was located in the outer court of the monastery.

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